A Farmhouse Inspired Brewery.


The art of brewing and love for old world methodologies have always guided our vision at Atom Brewing. From our custom made oak fermenters to the variety of hand selected used barrels, these, not rows of stainless tanks, make up the equipment that fills our brewery.

We took an 80 year building that is located on our property in Olde Town Erie CO and turned it into our barrel house. From the cedar lined ceiling that allows wild microflora to flourish or allowing nature to control most of the temperature, the space was designed in a way we felt would nurture and encourage the complexities we enjoy in the beers we create.

After creating our wort (unfermented beer), it’s then transported to our barrel house where it’s moved into our oak fermenters. We took 600L Puncheons (large oak barrels) and converted them into primary fermentors which we open ferment every one of our beers in with one of our house yeast blends. We took commercially available yeast, bacteria, lactobacillus, and wild microflora from around the brewery to create blends that we feel make our beers unique.


After primary fermentation we transfer to neutral, freshly emptied wine and spirit barrels. Each barrel is personally inspected and only chosen if it has the characteristics we are looking for. To us, barrels are not simply a piece of equipment but a very indispensable part of our beers.

We use traditional cooperage tools and skills to ensure their longevity which, in turn, enables our beers to spend anywhere from 5 months to 3 years evolving and creating the character we desire within these vessels.

We continually sample every barrel while the beer is developing. Once it has reached the point we feel it’s ready we then blend the selected barrels together to prepare it for bottling.

Our Vision.

Being a small, self-funded brewery our vision is better defined by “nots”.

  • We will not sacrifice passion for profit.
  • We will not make a beer that has to be made on a schedule.
  • We will not make a beer we do not love.
  • We will not use inferior ingredients.

Meet Jeff & Chris Porn.


We have been kicking around the beer world for awhile, sure as most who own and operate a brewery. Our beer resume is not what defines the brewery, it is us as a couple that makes the brewery what it is. When we are together we are smiling laughing , having fun, and looking for the next adventure. Sometimes we will butt heads on the direction of our beers but in the end it only pushes us to go further, be more adventurous, and see the truth in our craft. One thing we completely agreed upon when we decided to start this adventure was that we were going to start small to be sure that everything was just the way we wanted it to be without distractions and that the beer took first priority.